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Being ok, but falling apart

The last few months have been insane for me. Leaving work, weddings, intense teaching training course (which lead to binge eating/gaining weight/losing sleep).. but most of all, I have been dealing with, with my therapist, events from my childhood (shock! … Continue reading

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Thank you

So much for your kind, supportive, helpful words. In the last week I finished my job, went to my oldest friends wedding with people from all parts of my life, and started a course for a new career today. So … Continue reading

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Try not to cry little one 

for everyone so they don’t worry I’m not having a good time cause I’m sober. I wish I could tell someone why I’m not okay and the could understand. I know there’s AA but I’m not like them. I don’t … Continue reading

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Grenfell Tower

I don’t know if this tragedy was reported overseas? It’s about 5 mins from where I live – I went down there yesterday and wrote this:  Grenfell Tower

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This morning I broke the work cafeteirre, my computer and me. Ha. I just feel so heavy and everything is so serious. I’ve been cancelled on twice this week – by the same person. I know she’s having a tough … Continue reading

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First draft of life

Not really. But for that anthology I’m hoping to contribute  to. I have no idea if it’s what they are after. A lot of it comes from what I’ve written on here and writing it felt like plagiarizing myself!! Written on August … Continue reading

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Pressure cooker

Is how I’m feeling right about now. I spent some of last week in the West Bank (Occupied Territories of Palestine.) It wasn’t a holiday as such, but more a personal research trip, I suppose. Before I left for the … Continue reading

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