Working from home. Had a meltdown. Cried. Went for a run. Didn’t get out the rage. Cried more. And now drinking my 2nd non alcoholic beer. It’s 1pm.



About MilesAwayGrrrl

32 year old just trying to work on how to move on without alcohol, for a little while at least.. It's been 19 years since I thought it became my crutch, where as really it's been crippling me. (Written in 2015)
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2 Responses to Urgh

  1. That’s pretty urgh. 😦 . And your short message sounds very urght too. 😦
    I want to put something in here about taking care and connecting to supportive people but I guess you had that one figured out? It sounds like you of the midst of something and really cought up there. Very uncomfortable – when not sober things like this would make me drink because I would want it to ‘just go away!’ and ‘it is weekend anyway’ so my inner addict would tell me.
    I do not know the content of your struggle and therefor throwing in platitudes like ‘this too shall pass’ can be pretty risky. It will obviously, as everything, but that is not the point. You might want to have a look at why this situation has got its hooks in you so badly. 😦 Maybe write about it? Speak with a friend or other trusted person?
    Sending hugs, take care,
    xx, Feeling

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    • Thank you so much. Over the worst, but fuck that was so hard. Harder than it’s been for a very long time, despite all the black clouds of late!! Thank you – I really appreciate you taking the time to write that. Xxx

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