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Six hundred and one

Gosh. I’m trying to write a piece for a literary anthology that St. Mungo’s (a homeless charity) are putting together around drinking and recovery. I thought it would be an easy piece of writing. Just sit down for a couple … Continue reading

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Ill behaviour..

(I have Renegade Master stuck in my head..) So, I can’t be bothered to write… but do I have enough energy to go upstairs to the kitchen to get food even though I’m full? HELL YEH! Ill behaviours creeping back … Continue reading

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Ahhhhh!!! Grrrrrrrr

I hate that despite how content I am in life, how many wonderful exciting things I’ve done since I got sober, and how I am a more confident person, who actually isn’t filled with self loathing – but self like … Continue reading

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The sun is shining & so are you… 

A friend of mine recently celebrated his two years sobriety, and posted online that he wasn’t sure whether to mention it because it’s just not a thing anymore, but decided that tackling his alcoholism saved his life and made it … Continue reading

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