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Remember this

When the grey cloud that’s been following you around constantly just lifts a little in your day to day life. That you can just feel that little bit lighter. How you can work and be busy but also be pleasant … Continue reading

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Feelings are not facts 

(I thought I posted this a few days ago… Had the most fabulous chilled, sober head weekend since with my family in france… So different to last time… With the constant meltdowns…)  Sitting with these feelings. I hear about it … Continue reading

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It hurts. More than usual. 

Most of what I’m thinking and feeling right now is too much and too dark for the Internet. That’s what my paper diary is for.  But I was thinking, is this the hardest thing I’ve done? Being an addict, giving … Continue reading

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Shut my eyes

I just shut my eyes and took a huge gulp of my black coffee, imagining it was neat vodka. It wasn’t an active thought(not sure if that makes sense) It just appeared.  That’s the kind of morning I’m having. Feel … Continue reading

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You can’t stop the thought. But you can control what to do with it.

Gosh, where to start. My mind has been non stop for weeks. So much of it filled up with THE most boring script ‘Germany – to go, or not to go?!’ I 100% decided on yes and no, many many … Continue reading

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