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Not in the best place..? 

Sick of this shit. Sat at 7am at the station looking hungover – slept so bad for various reasons. So I spent so much money on yesterday. I ate so much shit. I missed what I came to see. To … Continue reading

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So, first off, I haven’t drunk. But man, utterly exhausted and defeated. It’s been a long exhausting couple of weeks. I’ve tried to sleep and relax as well but it hasn’t really worked with chill nights really being chore nights … Continue reading

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Today was shit.

I wrote out why today was shit. Some trivial reasons, some a little more hurtful (friends being pretty insensitive) but overall – i’ll get over it. I’m sober, in control, and got a future ahead of me that is all … Continue reading

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I can only be me. No compromise. 

I’ve never felt like I’ve been one of those people who ‘needs’ alcohol. When I see people who don’t drink but are chatty, opinionated, impulsive, silly… I feel like them. That’s me. But I always have drunk. And drunk addictively … Continue reading

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