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‘Those’ alcoholics

Despite knowing for years that I had a drinking problem I never really thought I was one of ‘those’ alcoholics. The ones that wouldn’t drink again, couldn’t drink again. And here I am. 83 days ago I decided I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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80 days

What a couple of weeks. Arrived back from West Africa this morning. Didn’t feel the urge to drink out there – despite a lot of hassle and stress (but an overall great time.) Yoga, sleep, reading, learning, laughing, swimming. Great … Continue reading

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I had my first sober birthday party tonight. And it was wonderful. I was worried because I hadn’t planned the games I meant too cause ummm… what does one do at a sober birthday party?  Turns out – talk, eat, laugh, … Continue reading

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I’m not finding myself. I’m working on myself.

And I like what I’m shaping up to be. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?! ‘Finding yourself’ is going off expecting someone else to do the work. Head off to India, and there you are. Chilling with weed and other lost souls … Continue reading

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I’m going to love myself the way I want you to love me.

I’ve abused my body and treated it with nothing but contempt and loathing for what seems like always. Filled it with poison. Liquid poison. Carcinogens. Deep, hot, smokey, poison. Abusing myself trying to get things out of my body. Physically … Continue reading

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Sober Dance party…

For the last month I’ve been pretty excited about going dancing sober. This morning I woke up thinking ‘give me all the booze.’ And ‘maybe I could take drugs instead.’  Argh. I want to have the best night. I really … Continue reading

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The good and the bad rambles. BIG rambles.

Went to spend halloween with my brothers kids. Teaching my nephew some chords on the guitar, around 7pm.Had I been drinking, I would have been looking at my glass, wondering if it would be okay to quickly top up. Or ‘as … Continue reading

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