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Time for tea…

Double post day. I honestly couldn’t appreciate more the comments and support I got today. This whole community has kept me going. I do have wonderful support from family and friends, even though I’m not always aware of it for … Continue reading

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Having one of those what’s the fucking point mornings. 9am and already been crying.  I fucking hate life today.  Lying in bed in my onesie trying to be positive but deep down all I and is to drink near vodka … Continue reading

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Does it even matter?

I think I have a problem with saying I’m an alcoholic not because I don’t believe it, but that if I said it out loud people would brush it off. I’d have to justify it. Have to tell my brother … Continue reading

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I’m an alcoholic.

Just wondering how that feels to write that. To say that. I am an alcoholic.

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How stupid

That I’m sat at work drinking cup of tea after bottle of water and cup of tea and just thought ‘fuck I’d love a fat glass of wine…’ And then because my next reaction was ‘well you can’t have one’ … Continue reading

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Something just doesn’t sit right…

Cycling home in the rain I realised how I’m just finding it so hard to get my head around that I don’t want to drink. I must want to drink. I ALWAYS WANT TO DRINK. WHY DO NOT I WANT … Continue reading

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‘I don’t drink.’

I still can’t fully imagine saying those words out loud without ‘at the moment…’ but I sort of want to. Which is a new little thing that popped into my head. Surprising. But quite exciting.  So I made it to … Continue reading

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